Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love the Little

There has to be positive side to getting bacteria-infected for the past 4 days. Surely I can celebrate something from the experience of four nights stumbling through non-sleep, 39-degrees of body heat and fingers which scorched when they touched.

And last night - the first peaceful sleepnight I had the whole week - I found out what it was.

It was an appreciation, like never before, of God's gift of a baby...without interruption, without demands, without luxury, without nothing but you and your dreams.

It was loving, like never before, the ability to swallow multiple pieces of meat without suspecting you might throw walk without bringing one's hands to one's head on account of the inner crown of thorns tightening its grip.

It was being glad that one can drive without having to find a shade to stop, fast, or else the next stop will be involuntary and expensive; that making a three-point turn with your steering wheel can be done without feeling like you've run three marathons.

In a word, it's cherishing the little things which no longer seem little at all because 'little' was from the start a category miscue on my part.

Note: I contemplated asking God to annihilate all bacteria from the face of the earth completely. Then I recalled these little bacteria are essential decomposers whose 'deconstructing work' every other living thing relies on i.e. if bacteria were to disappear, we'd all die.

Ahh. So much for that request.


blogpastor said...

Merry Christmas, Alwyn. Trust you have recovered sufficiently to enjoy that quiet Christmas you were looking forward to.

alwyn said...

a blessed Christmas to you too, Kenny. Yeah, I'm enjoying it very much alright, :)