Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anwar & Shabery: An Alternative Agenda

A reimagined agenda on the Great Oil Price Debate two weeks back:

1. Shabery to introduce Anwar (as a friend would)

2. Anwar to introduce Shabery (likewise)

3. Shabery and Anwar to mutually explore the positive effects and future potential of the fuel hike (Johan Jaafar and his team can plot the points on a high-tech mind-map behind them)

4. Shabery and Anwar to mutually explore the detrimental effects and future dangers of the fuel hike (Johan & Co. to continue in full force)

5. Shabery and Anwar to mutually discuss ways to :
  • consolidate the good results of the fuel hike and reap the rewards (which may or may not include the further raising of prices)
  • minimize the negative consequences and cut-off impending danger (which may or may not include restoring fuel subsidies)

6. Johan Jaafar to fine-tune and publish the finalised mind-map online and in the press

Now, wouldn't this be more helpful? Unfortunately, parallel thinking - despite its simplicity and greater efficiency of ideas - is usually too radical for high-tension issues.

And thus it goes untried. Even by the good guys.

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