Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make It Worth The Interruption

Think about the individuals or groups you interrupt everyday or week. Be it via email or in the hallway or from the podium or on the phone.

People are busy. We're all swimming in an ocean of clutter. Attention is a depleting resource.

So when people you deal and intereact with allow their time to be interrupted by whatever it is you wish to communicate, they're certainly expecting something worthwhile in return.

How often we do interrupt people in a day? Are these good folks obligated to have their lives stopped in their tracks by you? And even if they are, would they remember the intervention as something delightful or something they wish never happened?

Do they secretly wish you haven't interrupted? (You'll never know for sure - unless they tell you - but it's no harm asking) Would they prefer another form of interruption?

The $60,000 question: What would make people eagerly long for your interruption?


Barbsie said...

When it brings a smile to their face, despite the sky falling down??

Why only $60K?? Dun-lah be so tight!

And lastly - DUDE! Are you in a different time zone or just not sleeping well?!

alwyn said...

i think it's my timezone settings la :)