Monday, July 28, 2008

To Know What's Wanted Again and Again

My son has a habit of making sure I know he's delighted with something I did. If I do a strange dance or mix-up some of his nursery songs or make a funny sound or race him to our apartment door, he inevitably says, "Again!"

The role of a parent, therefore, comes fitted with the ability to know exactly what the beneficiaries of the role desire (sometimes it helps to know; at other times, especially when you're dead tired, it doesn't).

The role of a service provider or a pastor or a teacher, on the other hand, doesn't have as spontaneous a "want identifier". The people we serve don't naturally say, "Again!"

On occasion they do, but even then it's never that straight-forward. Most of the time, we have to figure it out. Winners work on it as a habit and align their delivery with their findings. The rest continue doing what they're doing, oblivious to the silent and hinted "Again!'s" of the ones they most need to listen to.

So we should ask ourselves: What can be done, and is much desired, again? And again...and again?

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