Monday, September 8, 2008

Ahmad Ismail & the Chinese

This post is also posted on the Micah Mandate. Bob Kee has also written a good response.

Funny how it happened soon after/during of a lot of fire over Ahmad Ismail's reference to Chinese as "orang tumpang" (i.e. migrants).

I was asked to preach at the Nepalese migrant ministry - on loving one's enemies.

1. Turn your left cheek. Surprise your enemy (via your own vulnerability) by inviting him to punch you with his right fist, an act which confirms his equality with you. A back-hand slap means the slapped is inferior; and no one hits another with his left hand (it's taboo).

Love your enemy by showing you are willing to suffer for the sake of an equal relationship.

2. Let him have your cloak too. Surprise your enemy by giving him more than he forced you to. The world will see him for the oppressor he is.

Love your enemy by your sacrificial (and revealing) generosity.

3. Go with him two miles. Surprise your enemy by serving him more than his exploitation desired. Show him that you're willing to look past his predatory demands and be his willing servant.

Love your enemy by your self-giving service.

Surprise and love your enemy. You might just break his heart, and win his soul.

And how should the Chinese respond to Ahmad Ismail and Penang UMNO's reluctance to apologise?

By inviting them to a Chinese (halal) dinner and sharing with them the history of the Chinese migrants, thanking the Malays for whatever assistance and goodwill was offered to build up the Chinese community (to its now prosperous status) and assuring Ismal and UMNO that the Chinese will do their best to work with the Malays for a harmonious and peaceful Malaysia.

"Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5:44)


fishtail said...

And giving them more photographs of Chinese leaders to rip up ...

alwyn said...

that's *one* way of 'turning the left cheek'...

Victor Lau said...

Hi Al

Really liked the part where you wrote about the break his heart . . what if they just don't have a natural heart or they just don't have a heart at all? Let's not talk about the soul!!!