Monday, September 15, 2008


My preaching met with mixed responses yesterday. Not that I expected full agreement, especially given the Malaysian politically climate and the I-Simply-Arrest events of Friday night.

I felt that someone had to issue the reminder that whilst Jesus spoke out against the injustices and oppression of His day, He nevertheless willingly prayed, suffered and died for the very people who would see Him killed.

For whilst it is extremely sad that Raja Petra Kamaruddin may be severely risking his life, the kind of 'revolutionary' action hinted at in the People's Parliament blog, exciting and enticing as they always sound, is a dead end.

And even as we hold virgils for RPK's release and as we pray for his family (sigh, don't you feel they are suffering just as much as him?), please let us remember that RPK's way is not the way of the Cross (I almost feel shy repeating this, but it's the easiest thing in the world to brush aside, given his popularity).

It would be the height of irony if thousands of Christians prayed ceaselessly for RPK's release only to continue cheering him on and emulating his style and words as he continues his 'no holds barred' and verbally ferocious tirade.

By all means, pray and petition for his release (see? I bolded it, so please don't say I don't care). But do so not because he is RPK but because he is an unjustly imprisoned citizen of Malaysia.

And, one more time: We must not fight cruelty with curses, oppression with hatred, and malice with similar menace.

Jesus loves Petra, but JC is no RPK.


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Barbsie said...

Well said Al!

Besides, I doubt JC would look good with a pipe and a hat :o)

peiling said...

you took the words right from my heart!

alwyn said...

thanks for the comments, everyone.

do try to 'spread the word' - not about this post but about the philosophy behind it.

God only knows we need more at this time.