Monday, September 22, 2008

Windows 7

Here are shots of Windows 7, the post-Vista version supposedly to be released next year, presently nicknamed W7.

What does Microsoft do apart from producing updated versions of Windows every other year, gobbling up smaller companies and trying to out-think Google?

We needn't care. But maybe we can get this multi-multi-billion dollar company (or one like it) to help the community.

Don't they have loads of equipment which could be donated? Can a few of their people run short workshops for those badly in need of computer skills but who can't afford any formal classes? Can they lend their name (and some resources) to a clean-up project? Maybe we'd like to bring an entire rural or indigenous community online?

Do you have an idea for your community which such organisations can help spark? You can offer a new vision of meaning - a fresh vista of hope - to these corporate behemoths.

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