Monday, September 15, 2008

Bonhoeffer & Hitler, Bomb & Cross

Something from Greg Boyd's blog, where he shared about...

"(Shane Claiborne's) response to Colson's citation of Bonhoeffer's attempt to assassinate Hitler as an example of how Christians need to participate in politics and sometimes resort to violence.

"Shane told a story of a film he watched that interviewed Hitler's chief secretary. She said that it was "miraculous" how Hitler escaped unharmed when the bomb Bonhoeffer's group planted exploded.

"This reinforced Hitler's sense of divine mission at a time when it was wavering and encouraged him to carry out his genocidal programs more enthusiastically. Shane said that as much as he respects Bonhoeffer, "the cross lost when that bomb went off."

Any relevance to the situation in Malaysia, you think?

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