Monday, September 15, 2008

Cash 4 Kind

Daimler-Chrsyler (Malaysia) has a policy on Medical Leave I've never come across: Personnel are entitled to $1,500 should they manage a year without M.C.s'

The numbers certainly add up. An average post-fresh grad salary does come up to about $100-150 per day and MC entitlement is about a dozen days a year.

So a person who works all year-round rather than stay sick at home certainly 'saves' the company around $1,500. And the higher the person's salary, the better the trade-off for the company.

What's worth 'milking' is creative ways to think of cash-for-kind.
  • What would a company be willing to pay its employees to reduce their official lunch-hours? (Might be relevant especially for factory workers, although from an ergonomical, humanitarian point of view I wouldn't recommend this)
  • What should be charged to a person who takes up more than X amount of time in delivering his report at a meeting? Or for talking beyond the alloted time?
  • What might the local town council be willing to give motorists who don't commit single traffic/parking offense in a year? (This is VERY different from the police giving discounts on summons...*eyes-rolling*)
  • What might a division head be willing to reward an employee who receives the best peer reviews? (This goes beyond "Employee of the Year" awards and might apply to anything from Most Helpful Email, Kindest Remark, Most Innovative Idea, etc.)

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