Monday, August 11, 2008

Leverage Your Secondary Products

If you sell, or deal in, two (or more) products, you can use at least one of them as leverage.

E.g. if your main thing is television sets, try to get a good deal on cable subscriptions. You can then offer 50-60% off the cable subscriptions to, say, a hotel, in return for a shipment of high-range TVs'. Throw in a 10% discount on the TVs' to sweeten the deal.

Or, if you're running an English tuition center, try to get an arrangement on Maths materials (CDs', texts, etc.). You can then give away the Maths stuff to another center in return for potentially profitable partnerships involving your courses.

This is almost like McDonald's giving away free super-hero toys (or cute teddy bears) in return for meal purchases.

Except many don't see it this way. Often organisations spend time trying to sell whatever is in their portfolio. They treat all their products as items to be sold, when some are really stuff to be traded for something bigger.

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