Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Forget Your Corporate Portfolio

I've been in five companies in about ten years. Strangely enough, my first firm was the only organisation I've joined which emphasized the regularly updating of our CVs'.

This was a consulting firm, where CVs' are the fuel for winning future projects.

Real-world assessment (see pic) involves, among other things, the creation of a student portfolio i.e. a collection of your projects and key tasks accomplished throughout your education at the institution.

A portfolio is the academic equivalent of a CV. And whilst I don't usually find academic models useful for the busines world (it's usually the other way round), I suppose it doesn't hurt asking if our corporate portfolio - our CV - is updated regularly, as it is in academia?

Can we add at least two substantial new bullet-points or lines to our CV each year? Has our value proposition (to potential, or even our existing, employers) been enriched?

Given the surprised looks I get each time I mentioned this, it must be continued to be said: Update your CV at all times, and not only if you're seeking greener pastures.

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