Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Non-Use of Customer Information

I've been waiting for more than 10 years. It still hasn't arrived.

Citibank knows more about my VISA spending than I do. One of the things they surely would've noticed (after a decade of producing my monthly report) is that each month I spend at least $300 on books (sometimes more).

And I've still been waiting.

For a free exclusive Citi-Borders bookclub membership (hmm, Citi-Borders - does have a ring to it, no?)

For an {X-amount} Konikuniya voucher

For a chance to make some money reviewing books for XYZ Publisher or newspaper

For a discount card to purchase even more books at a lower rate.

For announcements on upcoming book sales.

Or maybe a free book!

What are they waiting for? For me to switch to a local version of the Visa?


Alex Tang said...

is there a local version of VISA? :)

Alwyn said...

not far credit cards have insurance (GE) tie-ups, tie-ups with furniture shops (IKEA) and maybe some hotels.

but nothing on books yet, sigh.

Florenceloo said...

Dude, do you pay your balance in full every month?

If yes, don't bother waiting. Banks don't earn money from customers like you :)

Alwyn said...

as a matter of fact I wish I did! sigh i'm always short by $300-400.

but still, Citibank can earn from:

- customers who DON'T pay their balances
- encouraging more customers to spend (via the packages I referred to)