Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Does Your Learning Chart Look Like?

I recall an interview I had with Deloitte Consulting many years back.

This interview was memorable because my potential boss (who never became my boss, *smile*) asked me what I've learnt throughout the past 4 years. And to prove his seriousness, he charted it year by year on the board whilst I spoke.

It looked something like this:

Year 1: MS Office, Project Management Office,

Year 2: Data Conversion, Testing, Balanced Scorecard, MS Project,

Year 3: Call Center Software Functionality, Training, etc.

Needless to say, your chart doesn't have to look like a brochure for an I.T. software cycle training program. But - if the phrase "knowledge worker" or "value-creator" means anything - it should exist (or be easily created) and should show some form of progression and variety.

What have you learnt over the years? Note it down. Examine its breadth and depth. And, best of all, plot the future.

What's measured gets done, and done better over time.

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Derek L. said...

Great idea to keep track of your growth year over year. Also gotta remember that growth isn't only measured in what new technical knowledge you obtain. It is also better understanding of that knowledge, new applications, new implications etc.

And then there's the whole non-technical side to growth... Human relations, personal mentality, etc