Friday, August 1, 2008

Think Symbiotically

A friend offered a hilarious solution when stuck in a traffic jam, "Hook your bumper to the car in front of you."

This isn't a bad idea, especially if you're a Kancil and the front vehicle is a bus or truck. It saves fuel, harms the environment less and could even earn the 'puller' a couple of bucks (and as long as it's lower than the value of gas you would've burned during the 1-2km crawl, why not cut your costs, make the other driver happy and sit back as your car moves automatically?).

Of course, issues abound, but I love the symbiosis the joke/idea dangles. It's the optimisation of economic allocation i.e. everybody wins.

One is reminded about the tie-ups between petrol stations and banks, or between shopping stores and credit cards or hotels and airlines. It's a good package made up of different interests coming together. Consumers who have no preference for competitor products would have every incentive to sign up.

If you list down the programs, persons, events and/or institution you come in contact with often, there'll certainly be one or two you can 'hook up' to. So think hard, act fast, and get yourself out of the jam asap.

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