Sunday, August 17, 2008

Master of All Trades

Beyond Homelessness, the new book by Bryan Walsh, co-authored with Steven Bouma-Prediger, is an exploration of the theme of home-making and its anti-thesis, home-breaking, in the context of the Christian community, culture, globalisation, etc.

Quite apart from how individual Christians, churches and God's kingdom can benefit from the book (and they surely can and will), I'd like to highlight for the moment the book as an expression of multiple genres of very high quality.

There is systematic theologising, philosophising and theo-philosophy. There is poetry. There are targums i.e. paraphrasing of Biblical passages into contemporary verse. There is novel-like story-telling. There are lyrics from rock hits. The arguments are creative, the idea-link complex, the stories bedazzling and the message is inspiring.

What a package.

Not recommended for every kind of product (lest one's "market positioning" is diluted or confused) and certainly not every player in the market (most simply don't have the skill to even attempt every point along the industry).

Still, certainly worth a shot. Can we be top in more than one element within out market-community? The best usually are.

BMW - performance and comfort. Apple - design and graphical quality. Jared Diamond - professor of physiology and environmental history and evolutionary biology.


blogpastor said...

Perhaps the book targets the post modern intellectual, using a plethora of images and as well as linear logic, appealing to right and left brains, while being cool at the same time.

alwyn said...

actually, i think Walsh is trying to target everyone, to make the book a more enjoyable read.

u may want to check it out? :)