Thursday, August 28, 2008


Check out Coke's new coming-soon designs. Doesn't look anything like the traditional red.

That's re-invention i.e. doing something so new, daring and 'outrageous' the people gasp (and even curse at times).

We all gotta de-invent and re-invent ourselves every now and then.

Especially if you're a mamak restaurant facing competition from newly opened Chinese hawker stalls across the road.

Or if you're a super-store like TESCO (who tells customers, "Come in, take your time, enjoy the aisles, spend an hour shopping for groceries") facing competition from stealthy, nimble medium-sized stores, whose value-proposition is, "Come in, get your stuff, get out - in 10 minutes or less".

Or if you're a fading political party about two steps away from losing huge majorities (and especially if you've recently suffered a landslide defeat).

Or if you're a traditional church losing your youth members.

Because even God does it. He reinvented with Abraham (and aging nobody), with Moses (a member of the Egyptian household, i.e. the enemy), with David (a sherpherd boy), with Paul (a violent persecutor) and certainly with Jesus, the crazy Nazarene born in a manger.


Alex Tang said...

God "reinvented" Abraham,Moses, Paul and Jesus. That's an interesting choice of verb.

alwyn said...

actually phrase is, "God reinvented WITH so-and-so"...the lives and characters of those individuals were *expressions* of God's reinventive approach.

Alex Tang said...

ah, you got me there. And you have my agreement :)

florenceloo said...

I think God definitely 'reinvented' with Jesus. Cos in the past He punished men but whoa, with Jesus it was the extreme opposite. He sent Him to die....