Monday, January 12, 2009

Deconstructing Church & Country

I wrote Deconstruction & the Daring Christian many months back. This may (or may not) be published later but I'm glad at least a dozen folks have even bothered to click on it (smile).

The article looks at one dude's reflection on post-March 8 Malaysia in the (dark?) light of deconstruction and tries to suggest that maybe impossible, irrational, un-real thinking, the kind of thinking from another kingdom (a celestial non-democrary), are worth pondering if not striving towards.

But if it serves as a helpful introduction to an(O)ther way of seeing faith, doctrine and politics, I'd be please. I suspect stuff like critical theory, Derridean analysis (or deconstruction) and post-modernism in general are still very unfamiliar to the Malaysian populace, given our often brash certainties regarding what's "good" or "bad" for the country. We're too sure, IMO, about the way forward, too embracing of 'sides', too judgmental of those who sit on the fence (or forego even that).

God knows we have too many 'positions' and 'stands' in the world.

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