Thursday, January 15, 2009

6 Ideas on (Not) Having Meetings

1. Never call a meeting simply because it's on the schedule - this is meeting for the sake of meeting. How many times have people wrecked their heads trying to come up with an agenda? Don't. Forego 'regular' meetings altogether because they are by and large point-less (a little overboard? Sure, but not by much)

2. Never call a meeting to discuss operational / admin / departmental issues - got a budget problem? A client issue? Machinery concerns? God wonders why we have heads and managers if we need to call other heads and managers to deliberate on such things.

Only call a meeting for strategic or ground-breaking decisions. Apart from collectively peering and charting the unknown, there's no need to physically get people together to communicate.

3. Never have more than three items on the agenda - anything more and focus/attention goes out the window (together with many a participant's spirit...let's not kid ourselves)

4. Never have an AOB - this is a recipe for disaster and time-wasting (if it's important enough it either gets on the agenda or the next one)

5. Always set a (preferably short) time limit for each agenda item - bring a bell if necessary

6. Float discussions and debates on Wiki prior to the meet

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