Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christ on the Road

1. Don't use the horn (unless it's life-or-death); say what you want to say with either a kind hand (not a finger!) or a nice smile

2. Look at the faces of the drivers, chances are they're troubled, hurt, disturbed. Say a 3-second prayer for two people every 10 minutes. This takes you out of yourself and makes you a spiritual hero

3. If jams are frequent, you can:

  • Leave your house (much) earlier - and discipline your rising time
  • Leave your house (much) later - and spend the extra time reading/reflecting
  • Get a walkman or iPod and use the jam time to learn something new or enjoy music - skip the radio unless you've found a great channel

4. Don't cut queues, beat lights or overtake any but the virtually stationary cars (what's the rush?)

5. Let others cut in, give way and smile at them

6. Put the safety of other drivers at a high priority

7. When at the tol, give a big smile to the attendant (who's job is certainly less attractive than yours) and thank God that you've got a car, a job to get to and money to help you along

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