Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Power of Saying Hi

There have been numerous occasions where I've conducted briefings on scholarships, new procedures, or self-improvement opportunities and practices, to students.

Occasionally, a few students actually come up to me. What's interesting is why they do so. It's not for clarification, application, commendation or (God forbid) criticism regarding the issue briefed about.

It's just to say hi.

That's it. Very few in the audience go up to the presenters to do nothing but say hi and thank you (more of the former). Usually those who do are different and slightly over-performing than the crowd. It's almost as if they realise that outstanding people do (even very minutely) outstanding things - like say hi without an overt agenda.

What results, of course, is that this flash of difference won't go unnoticed. Presenters tend to remember these for-no-reason greeters later when they seem them (or their names) again i.e. they will, expectedly, stand out.


Derek L. said...

Great post man!

However, what is your real point? That people should go up and say hi? Or just an observation that those who do go up and say hi are "different and slightly over-performing"?

Assuming it is the former, what do you do after "hi"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Al,
In my experience, these also could be people who are wannabes and want to come up and be vicariously part of someone who already made it. Fame by proximity.


Alwyn said...

Derek, in fact my post was more an observation than anything at all 'prescriptive' (except the broad one about being outstanding). What would you recommend doing after saying Hi? (why not blog on this?) :>)

KW, thanks for the note. Yes, there are a few fame-seekers around (except don't these usually want a photo, too? haha - just kidding).