Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Never Done (Much)

I'll gladly change the title (and this entire post) if you can find me more: Churches in Malaysia which put up their weekly sermons on the church blog, with a healthy flow of comments from members.

Doesn't have to be an embedded slide. Doesn't have to be the full script. Simply a weekly post on what was preached as part of its official online, with healthy participation from the members.

The only church I've found which does this is St. Andrew's. It's an excellent precedent. Even then, there doesn't appear to be much interaction.

It's not a promising picture. Most churches do not put their sermons online. Those that do upload their pulpit message weekly do not provide for comments.

In a (W)ord, the weekly sermon isn't a hot item for online social interaction. Why - for the love of God - not?

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