Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner at Morton's

I was at Morton's, Singapore. Fantastic menu presentation.

I had the biggest steak of my life with an old friend. It was a Porterhouse steak. Loads of mashed potatoes by the side.

I didn't have a mobile at the time. My friend's phone rang and the conversation went a little like this: "Yeah...I'm at Morton's... what?... a plane what?... landed on the building?... what?... hit the towers?....ok I'll go back and watch the TV."

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4 comments: said...

I just finished playing weekly tennis game with my friends. It was Monday night. After 10pm. It was a movie.

Derek L. said...

I was sleeping when my mum called me to tell me that the towers had been hit. I thought she was either kidding (and it was a bad joke) or that she was watching some crappy movie.

fishtail said...

Awesome slide show, especially No 18.

Alex Tang said...

I was in Beijing attending a Paediatric meeting