Monday, July 28, 2008

Create Excitement When None is Expected (T.G.I.M.)

What does the entertainment industry and church ministry have in common?

They're both busiest during weekends. And, for pastors at least, relatively easy on Monday. For the rest of us, weekends bring the blue skies and, sigh, Monday just brings the blues.

Surprisingly, I've yet to come across many (any?) products or services which help consumers look forward to Mondays. Creating a Monday equivalent to T.G.I.F. could be one of the last few untapped areas all industries can play in.

So the question is: What can you give your customers (or congregation or readers or subscribers or callers or shoppers or just anybody who you deal with) on a Monday, to make them remember you with eager elation on a Sunday evening?

How about reduced international call charges on Monday, so both you and your long-distance girlfriend can make Monday a Hear-Your-Voice day?

How about regularly showing videos for classes on Monday morning, until students have it etched in their mental timetables that the morning after weekends is 'Cool Video Clip' day?

How about setting an extra 10% discount or a Buy-3-get-3-Free on selected Mondays, so book buyers (or buyers of any standard $100-ish retail product) may actually jump out of bed with a skip in their step on Mon morning?

How about a free blood test on Monday (applicable to only the first 40 registrants by the preceding Tuesday)?

Or how about lowering movie ticket prices on Monday instead of Wednesdays?

The principle is about spot-lighting a mundane exigency and creating an opportunity to satisfy. When you give people a reason to be excited about you (great Monday promotions) in the context of something un-exciting (Monday blues), chances are you'll stand out from the rest. On all days.

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