Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let Them Learn What You Do

In connectivism, decision-making is itself part of the learning process. This point could translate in to a few useful scenarios.

If your want your customers to understand more about your product or company (as a way of, say, building trust), allow them to participate in the kinds of decisions you make.

E.g. a news organisation could perhaps let its viewers/readers rank the importance of news headlines. This would be especially important if the company is reporting on 'foreign news' and needs some local-community insight into what's deemed important. Local newspapers may also conduct a periodic ranking to get customers' feedback on the importance given to various topics.

Already in education, some programs (e.g. International Baccalaureate) allow students to collaborate with teachers on what issues to work on over the semester. It usually follows that benchmarks and standards for assessment will also be agreed upon.

Part collaboration, part feedback - all learning and goodwill.

How else could we apply this into our business, community, church, etc.?


Florenceloo said...

read from blog - can't remember where now, that Najib's daughter is doing International Baccalaureate after completing her studies in Garden Intl

Of course the blog was to bash both the current Education Minister and his predecessor's choice of education system for their children. hehe!

AL said...

wow if the M'sian edu system goes the IB way, it'll be like introducing Silicon Valley-ism into Papua New Guinea - upheaval!

the teachers must be retrained, the materials must buang and tukar, the 'mind-set' must change, the entire *system of exams* must change(!!!).

Just to give a quick e.g. under IB there are no 'external' exams - imagine that. I honestly feel the system might collapse from shock (grin).