Sunday, July 20, 2008

Keeping People Awake in Church

The need to ensure one's listeners/audience/guests are 'fully awake' and keeping their utmost attention is a non-negotiable for corporate trainers, workshop facilitators and media people.

Yet somehow with academic and spiritual institutions one gets the feeling that students and the congregation are somehow OBLIGATED to concentrate.

I've heard and read quite a few comments about church sermons before, but a remark last week has been sticking a little.

A friend said that church members, "shouldn't have to GO IN to church all fresh and energetic, only to COME OUT all tired out (from long unengaging sermons or whatever)."

Now that's worth thinking about.
  • How do people feel entering the church sanctuary?
  • How do they feel during the church service (for that 2 hours or so)
  • How do they feel upon leaving the sanctuary?
  • What factors keeps the adrenaline (spiritual or otherwise) up? Or drag them down?

Should we care?

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