Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lights On, Camera Off - Action

The Dark Knight was about choices. It was about the true definition of a hero. It was about evil being tied to and maybe a 'part of' good. It was about being hunted so others could glorify a version of the great evil-hunter. It was about giving up what one holds dearest.

The Dark Knight, like all great movies, generates loads of conversational topics. We love to talk about it, weeks after seeing the show.

What we could do more of - and could certainly gain from - is to take some action. Maybe we can ask ourselves, "After watching the movie...
  • What is one issue I'll read up (more) of? And teach someone else?
  • What is one place I'll visit? And what would I hope to achieve by going there?
  • What is one person I'll talk to, or talk to more?
  • What is one aspect of my behaviour I'll change?
  • What is one way my contributions at work can improve?

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