Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't Go MIA

Occasionally, lecturers and teachers do a strange thing. They decide, conveniently enough, that they needn't come back to teach the next day. Nor the next. Nor the next.

In common parlance, they went MIA.

This didn't happen much (if at all) at the consulting and software organisations I was with. But I've seen and heard more than enough of such cases with educational institutions.

Why do people do this? The usual (suspect) answers are: Stress and a better offer. One push factor, another pull. So why not? Wait until the paycheck comes in, cash out, leave without a word (or even a hint).

But everyone suffers: The students, the organisation and most of all, the name of the MIA-er. In a world where impersonal networks are growing and personal trust is shrinking, going MIA should be the last things on the mind of anyone who loves his/her career.

So, if you're thinking of doing a disappearing act from your job: Don't. It only suggests that you don't value your public integrity, which is another way of saying that you don't value yourself very highly.

If you're in charge of hiring people: Never encourage a potential recruit from doing an MIA with his/her present workplace. Surely you realise it might happen to you? And ensure you have a system for detecting MIA-ers' among the CVs' coming in.

It should be easy: "May I call your previous organisation?"


Barbsie said...

It's also very common in the service industry where the pay is so low, it doesn't make a diff to the workers if they work at Place A today and Place B tomorrow.
However,yes - if employers are more discerning, it would send the message across loud and clear to the workforce. Maybe then it'll be less rampant. Until then, guess we all have to 'educate' and 'fill in the gaps' as we go along eh?

alwyn said...

I consider it akin to non-performing loans that banks have to deal with. To address the problem, well, they need to share information.

Unfortunately, i suspect that many organisations ENCOURAGE MIA-ism! "Just cabut la and work for me!"