Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The List

In the Gospels, there were groups of people which society in general (and the 'religious right' in particular) despised. What's remarkable is that these were the same group of people whom Jesus targeted with His love, inclusion, acceptance and even protection:
  • tax collectors
  • prostitutes or women with dubious reputations
  • lepers
  • sick or with serious infirmities
  • children
  • Roman centurions and soldiers
Today, there are other groups which the Christian community has a tendency of condemning, picking on as outcasts and treating as (virtually) unworthy of the love of God:
  • homosexuals
  • liberals, pluralists and syncretists
  • evolutionists
  • pro-choice supporters (i.e. pro-abortion)
  • the politically questionable
  • environmental pollutors
  • key figures of denominations ours has a bone to pick with(!)
  • rapists and child molesters (whilst I don't mean to minimize their crimes, I feel the ease with which we brand them 'animals' is worth some reflection)
  • terrorists
Now, how would we feel if Jesus had regular meals with these folks? What if He selected some of them to spearhead his message or just be 'with Him'? What if He looked at us and told whoever has not sin to cast the first stone (or publish the first fiery article)?

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