Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Did God Allow Swine Flu?

Calvinist / Paleo-Reformed
Swine flu was ordained from eternity for - all together now! - the glory of God. If it's 1 suspected case, it's for His glory. If it's 100 confirmed cases, it's for His glory. If it's 1 in hospital or 1000 in the morgue, it's ALSO for His glory! And when it stops, all glory to God, too!

Calvinist / Paleo-Reformed II
This is the sign to a sinful generation that we need to repent, to obey and come back to God's Word. Soli Del Gloria!

Warfare Theodicist
When nature goes berserk, it starts to behave like a demon so we need to treat it like a demon.

Free-Will Theist
God 'allowing' evil is a WRONG category to use in a creation where self-determined and freely given love is the highest aim.

Open Theist
He had his reasons but He changed His mind.

Post-Conversative Evangelical
Our answers can more helpful whilst being less conservative.

What does the rising frequency of such epidemics show about the way we live?

N.T. Wright
The question is justified by the answer, not by believing that it can be justified by the answer.

Emergent II
We'll be organising a forum and prayer meeting on this issue. All are welcome to join us.

Pork Sellers
Nobody can get swine flu from eating well-cooked pork!

Raja Petra Kamaruddin
Bodohnya orang puteh ini! I've spoken to reliable sources and the symptoms are more reflective of swine fever, not flu! See the temperature rising, the sore throat, the body aches? That's %#?$!-ing fever la! Cannot think ah?! Bodohla orang ini!

I've never come across this flu. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar. It's nothing but lies.

Pakatan Rakyat
This is yet another proof of Barisan's weaknesses in dealing with the nation's problems.

This is an illegitimate question. We must have another election to redecide the question - the people have the right!

The question is perfectly legitimate...

Election Commission
We need to postpone our reply for a few days.

Looks like flu. Sounds like flu...

Dan Ariely (author of Predictably Irrational)
We irrationally focus on risks that are recent, new and storied, even if these are generally less important than risks which i) are more dangerous, ii) we're more familiar with and iii) are more common (see his full post here).

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