Monday, August 31, 2009

Ad-Hoc Meets Above-Par

My son spent about an hour at Gymboree today, rolling around the coloured cushioned obstacles, going up and down the curvy slides, not to mention jumping inside what I can only describe as a sofa barrel.

And yet before he - and any other kid who couldn't wait - went into the play area, the attendant flashed a pretty slick-looking thermometer's laser beam on his head to confirm he didn't have a fever (what with H1N1 concerns and all).

It's probably just me but the only time I saw a more sophisticated thermometer was at the airport and on TV. Our pediatrician still sticks the thing into our boy's ear.

More importantly, it's not everyday I see organisations responding to an ad-hoc issue (temperature checks before playing) in an above-par manner (using a kewl laser).

To be frank, we weren't expecting Gymboree to do a check and they wouldn't have lost any brownie-points if they didn't. They could easily have got the parents to 'declare' their child was fine or told the attendants to perform 'manual checking' i.e. touch every child's forehead. Some organisations won't even bother. What about the organisation(s) you care about?


Barbsie said...

Zouks does the same. And they then give you a sticker that says you're flu-free!

alwyn said...

i bet it's a sexy sticker ;>)