Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Near Yet So Far

A major tenet of marketing is that it's easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones. Strangely enough this is also easier said than practised.

How many universities give their graduates a substantial incentive to continue to a higher level How many electronics shops make it way more enticing to buy another gadget on top of the one you just paid for? How many car-sellers keep in touch with their buyers? How many churches focus on ensuring that the first-timer is far more likely to come again the next Sunday?


Eugene Ong said...

Hi alwyn,

Uniten gives ex-undergraduates a whopping 25% discount should they decided to pursue graduate studies.

U-Liang said...

NUS offers up to 4 years of worth of stipends and full tuition waiver for successful research scholars.

alwyn said...

Eugene, good going for UniTen - is that a local uni, btw?

U-liang - is what you mentioned an ATTRACTION mechanism (i.e. pulling in new research students), or a RETENTION method (encouraging existing students to continue their research)?

U-Liang said...

It can work both ways too rite. The stipend (S$2500 a month and without bond) is a good deal to anyone who is interested to pursue further studies, be it graduates from NUS, or other institutions around the world.

Of course right now demographically there are more students esp. from India and China than locals (i.e. Singaporeans) pursuing Masters and Phds in NUS.

alwyn said...

This is really interesting. The stipends isn't automatic, right? As in not every Ph.D student will get it?

U-Liang said...

Only if you are there on a research based programme.

There is a coursework based programme up to Masters level. You don't get any scholarship for that.