Friday, October 2, 2009

Orange Juice @ Kelana Jaya McD's

Don't ever go to the McD's restaurant near the huge Giant Superstore in Kelana Jaya.

Not unless you've walked 20 miles in the desert and your only hope for food is a McD voucher and your legs happened to give way in that area (but even then try walking to the one in SS2). Not unless Shiva or Buddha or Jesus or Allah came to you in a dream and told you to patronise that place - or else. Not unless you're on the Amazing Race and those dudes in the production team hid a yellow flag in that place.

Not unless you wish to risk an insult.

It's Raya Day 1 and a few of us (with our infants and kids) were having lunch there. Well, kids being kids, it took barely ten minutes for a cup of orange juice to fall down and spill all over the floor. Apologetically, my friend informs the waiter/crew member/food-service executive and guess what she's told: The mop is in the cabinet in the corner.

Did you read that? My friend, when reporting spilled juice, was told to mop the thing up herself. Being a very gracious person she did. She went to the back, opened the cabinet, took the mop out, brought it back to our table and began mopping up.

Here's what really wins that place the Malaysia Boleh Service Award: That particular employee was casually washing his hands and adjusting his shirt whilst my friend was mopping the floor.

Wow, dude! Give yourself a raise, will ya?! You're just what this industry needs!

Am I the only one who thinks this particular burger branch sucks orange juice? Apparently not.


Alice Teh said...

Hi Alwyn, I feel for you. Sorry that you and your friends had to experience the bad service at McDonald's, Kelana Jaya. The management should really do something about it. It's getting from bad to worse.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog!

alwyn said...

given the importance of blogs to M'sian politics, it's kinda time a similar 'phenomenon' took place when it comes to M'sian business, rite?

thank you 4 visiting too - wow your blog must be pretty high-tech to so instantly detect the link!

jeff said...

lol.... Ur friend is too gracious. If it was me, I'd be giving the mop back to his manager after the mopping...
"x'cuse me, I need to give this wet mop back to your manager. Why am I holding it? Oh u were too busy trying to look good at the mirror..."