Saturday, October 17, 2009

Think CV or You're Not Thinking

The title-quote came from Tom Peters.

It's not your Job Title anymore. It's not the Department you head. It's not (even) the Number of Years of experience which matter entirely. And it sure isn't that long list of Academic (and quasi-academic) Qualifications you proudly list at the end.

Job Title, Department, etc - these won't cause your CV to 'grow' very much. What would?

It's your projects. What systems have you implemented/integrated? What awesome government institutions have you helped establish? What new branch or outlet did you spearhead the creation of? What cool (and, hopefully, 'famous') clients have you work with on what cutting-edge process-engineering gig? What fresh methods and tools have you worked with?

Rule of thumb: Ensure you can add at least twenty substantial lines to your CV every year. (It's a challenge for me too, but where's the fun in Easy, right?)

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