Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad But Loving It

Her singing was way sub-par. She adopted an accent which made her sound more contrived than contemporary. Her vocal projection was so weak you weren't absolutely sure she had opened her mouth.

Yet, I'm recording this short note about the female singer who performed at the Horn Bill Restaurant two Saturday evenings ago not as a complaint, but as a compliment.

Because however poor her technical delivery was, no matter how the guests snickered, she never stopped slow-dancing where she stood; she never stopped exuding her oneness with the music.

She may have messed up bad with her voice but she let her body take over with a kind of passion you couldn't help but notice. It's as if she really didn't care if she sounded bad. She wanted people to know she loved the songs nevertheless.

She needs more training for her voice, definitely. But she could give/show a few tips to many a discouraged professional.

People may laugh and, yes, you may (and will!) suck at least sometimes - but you gotta find one thing you do well and do it like the world went round because of it. People will notice.

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