Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Clicks

Facebook's definition of a friend is, well... two clicks.

Want to add me as a friend? Click on the button next to my name or face - the first click - and click another time to convince Facebook you didn't tap your mouse button by mistake.

That's it. One more click at my end to confirm your request and, hey, we're friends.

Never mind I may never do anything other than glance over your photo or one-liners. Never mind I'll probably ignore every message, invitation and request you send me and vice-versa. Never mind we may never communicate or do anything resembling what humanity considered a 'relationship' over thousands of years (let alone something like John 15:13)

Never mind all of that. In the world of Facebook, we are 'friends' - two clicks and another. Nothing else matters for the label.


Timothy Lee said...

yeah, we're friend, haha. Nevermind we never meet.

Derek L. said...

You do realize that humans now don't do much that resembles "communication" as seen 1000 years ago. Email? Phone? What happened to walking over to your neighbour's house or standing around in the town square chatting with your friends? :)

Humans evolve. So do relationships.

Derek L. said...

Just realized it applies to us to... I haven't seen you in years!!!

Yan said...

Could I ...I mean click twice and add you as friend in my facebook? :)

alwyn said...

lots of things change, some for better, some for worse. whilst i'm all for Web progress, i can think *some* 'new' stuff needs to be 'audited' to ensure that the *good* things of old aren't compromised in the process.

yeah, feel free to add me to Facebook, :)