Monday, February 9, 2009

Marcus Ng (1985 - 2009)

I don't know Marcus Ng very well. But that didn't stop the sense of loss and sorrow from knowing he had passed away a few days ago. 24 years, in the prime of his life and a growing positive influence among his community. 

I have two distinct memories of him. I recalled crossing the hyper-busy Ampang Road to pass him some books I was selling him. We exchanged brief greetings and said our goodbyes. This was more than two years ago. The second time I met him was at the ROH Conference last October. We shook hands. I told him how I thought he'd put on some weight. He smiled and commended my memory! We didn't talk anymore after that.

I also wonder if he was the one who, during an Emergent Malaysia meeting many years back, said that his purpose for coming was to "seek a language to better help me articulate my faith". It could've been him. And if so, then Marcus' words will live on in even a near-total stranger to him, such as I was (but am no longer).

And tonight, reading the tribute from his brother, David, I'm moved to my core. I feel the full force of the possibility that at any second we could lose the ones we love most. At any moment, we could be parted and the memories could become utterly precious - because they've become the only reality left. At any instant, all the hurt and anger and pain we grudgingly hold - and allow in to barricade us from fully giving ourselves to those we love - will feel like rain splashing at our window i.e. we'll wonder why we even paid them any attention when there's so much joy and warmth and smiles to spend the fleeting moments sharing.

Farewell, Marcus. You've finished the race and entered God's arms forever. Rest in joy.

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