Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alma Bravo's Story

Alma was shy by nature. So shy she was almost in tears when, during a Pschology class, her teacher asked her to tell a joke. Telling a joke was a method that Hal Urban - character education expert - used in his over 30 years of teaching, each time he started a class. He believed that making the class laugh was a necessary activity to 'clear the air' and get the class off to a good start.

So Alma's turn was coming. She did not relish it. She begged Mr. Urban not to make her do it. She was in tears. She didn't want to fail miserably in front of the whole class, as telling jokes were simply not her kind of thing. But Urban stood firm and said everyone in the class had to do it.

When the day came, Urban went up to Alma and asked her, "Are you ready for this task today? Are you ready to make your friends laugh?"

To his astonishment, Alma replied without a breath's hesitation, "Yes. I'm ready."

Urban was somewhat concerned. What was happening? How come the sudden change of tone and mood? And what would happen if she failed to make the class laugh? Urban had even entertained thoughts of making her exception as he didn't want her to suffer an emotionally-scarring embarassment.

Well, the time came for Alma to do her joke. This was the moment of truth commingling with a moment of humour. But the end result may be seriously un-funny.

Alma got up from her seat and strode confidently to the front. She was wearing a blazer and looked very prefect-ish.

She turned towards the class and smiled at all of them.

Then she took out a Snickers bar - a huge Snickers bar - and in a calm voice which constrasted against the ERUPTION of laughter immediately after she spoke, said, "Whoever laughs the loudest - gets this."

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