Friday, March 6, 2009

The Set Induction

It's that 'thing' you do before the lesson begins. It's that (non)-lesson on the margins of the lesson, the (non)-teaching prior to teaching. It's the small storying to open up ears for the big story. It's the casual narrative which could decide the significance of the formal delivery. It's the pseudo-point that postpones, yet heightens the interest in, getting-to-the-point.

I've only heard about it an educational context, but it's surely relevant for:
  • a marketing presentation
  • a initial project briefing
  • a sermon!
  • a lecture to one's kids
  • a request (of any kind)
  • a business proposal
  • a piece of advice

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khin wee said...

In speeches/sermons, we do have the equivalent of the Set Induction, namely the Hook. Have a look at these links which I googled:

I was trained in the use of Hook-Book-Look-Took as a simple device for organising an essay or a sermon. Have a peek