Monday, March 23, 2009

A Fair End

Many teachers make the mistake of seeking merely to 'cover the textbook' i.e. get across a pre-set amount of data. Instead, I'd propose our job is to 'copy the movies' i.e. give a Wow experience to those fortunate enough to be in our class.

One aspect of the movies - also something that the director simply cannot ignore - is a good ending.

Every great movie has an ending worth talking about (e.g. Dark Knight, Kungfu Panda, Slumdog Millionaire - you name it). Almost every failed blockbuster messed up the last tenth of the movie (e.g. the recent instalment of Indiana Jones, Next, The Day The Earth Stood Still, etc.).

Ditto with our teachings, presentations, preaching, etc. The ending matters. But how many of us make it a point to end with a (good) bang?

Unfortunately, I get a feeling that our listeners no longer expect high-quality presentations that almost any kind of post-presentation talk would be welcomed. I mean, wouldn't you love it if you knew your audience at least discussed something about what you talked about (apart from the colour of your tie)?

That said, ends should be of a worthy note. The last 5 minutes may not be as critical as the first 5, but nothing worthy of enduring ears deserves less than a well-planned finale.

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