Friday, July 10, 2009

For Whom the Screen Plays

The Megah Medical Specialist Center where I take my kids and wife for treatment is a nice place. Efficient. Squeaky clean. Top doctors. A comfortable waiting area - with a nice flat-screen TV equipped with ASTRO cable.

But guess what channel is always playing? TV3. Apparently Malay dramas come on between 6pm and 8pm, about the same time parents and patients start filling up the waiting area.

Now here's the thing: Almost none of the waiting parents are watching this drama. We'd much prefer to watch Discovery Channel or Asian Food Channel or something else.

likes to watch the Malay drama. And yet nothing but the Malay drama is on.

They obviously haven't asked the question of the year: For whom, in the name of every injection ever given, is the flat-screen for? The paying clients or the nurses holding the remote control?

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