Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Prayer Doesn't Work"?

I've shared one response (with a philosophical angle) earlier. Here's a somewhat more devotionally-oriented one with a familiar metaphor: Prayer is like working out.

You never run merely a few rounds (or lift a couple of weights) on an ad-hoc basis every few weeks or so and expect 'results'. Good health, stamina and physique is the result of consistent and disciplined exercise. Without a sustained regime, exercise will not 'work'.

Ditto with prayer. People who diss it (not unlike those who can't say no to third helpings and but always saying no to exercise) are usually those who hardly do it.

So try talking to God more. About any-everything you care for, about any-everyone you love or have trouble loving. Do it hour in hour out, in super times and shite times.

Then you'll see stuff happening. Then your eyes will bask in light (Matt 6:22).

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