Friday, July 3, 2009

The Holographic Brain and the Tyranny of the One Thought

Some 'left-over' jottings from my notes:

  • If a child is good at music we call her 'talented'; if she's good at Languages or Maths, we call her 'smart' - what does this show about assumptions regarding the nature of intelligence? (Howard Gardner)
  • The most natural development of the human brain: PLAY
  • "What if we could forget history?" (Colin James, on the need to put aside past bitterness, conflict, etc.)
  • The brain thinks/performs holographically i.e. all parts of the brain 'sees' the same thing and all parts of the brain work 'at' the same thing, the left/right-brain divide is mistaken (Mark Treadwell)
  • "Fundamentalism is the tyranny of the One Thought or the Only Way" (Colin James)
  • "Marriage is a somatically intelligent decision" (Colin James, referring to the triump of 'gut-feeling' over analytically feeling and how if couples used the latter when thinking about getting married they probably never would)
  • Humour in the workplace promotes creativity (David Koutsoukis)
  • "Let's just say he wasn't anorexically challenge" (Colin James)
  • "We need neoteny" (Glenn Capelli)

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