Friday, September 4, 2009

3 Readers, 4 Thinkers

Tony Buzan presented three kinds of online readers. According to him, people who read Web articles can be classified into:
  1. The Cautious Reader - who doesn't click on any links and reads the entire article through
  2. The Novice Reader - who clicks on virtually all the links in the article!
  3. The Skilled Reader - who selects which hyperlink to click

I'm sure folks like Edward de Bono would have their classification of thinkers too. Maybe:

  1. The Natural Thinker - employs critical, analytical and practical thinking on a regular basis but only rarely uses creativity
  2. The Entrepreneurial Thinking - employes creative and practical thinking regularly, although the more finance-oriented ones may excel in critical/analytical thinking too
  3. The Intelligent Thinker - employs critical and analytical thinking at extremely high levels, often neglecting creativity and practicality (whilst usually earning a reputation for being very 'intelligent')
  4. The Master Thinker - employs the full range of creative, critical, analytical and practical thinking skill at high levels at all times

Criticism, Creativity, Analysis and Practicality. Four wheels of the mind's car. And yet don't we often tend to use just one or two?

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