Thursday, September 10, 2009

Used Book Sale

Please write to me at 'alwynlau' then @ then Possible contact-points:
  1. KDU College PJ
  2. Kelana Jaya / SS2 area
  3. Any stop along the LRT line (but pls buy at least RM50 in that case, 'k?)

Added (3rd November 2009)

  • The Expositor's Bible Commentary (Volumes 2-12), Frank E. Gaebelein (Editor) - that's 11 books (covering Old and New Test.), each one almost the size of a phonebook. RM50 per book, RM500 for the full set. (No, I don't have Vol I, which is really an Introduction to the O.T.; the Genesis commentary is in Vol 2)

  • The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker (Hardcover) - RM40

  • After Virtue, Alasdair McIntyre - RM30 [SOLD]

  • Divine Discourse : Philosophical Reflections on the Claim that God Speaks, Nicholas Wolsterstorff - RM30 [SOLD]

  • Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown - RM10

  • Longitudes & Attitudes: The World in the Age of Terrorism, Thomas Friedman, RM20 (the book he wrote before he published The World Is Flat)

  • Ultimate Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy (6 Stories), Douglas Adams - RM40 (c'mon, it's eight hundred pages!)

  • The 47th Samurai, Stephen Hunter (hardcover) - RM10

  • Pale Horse Coming, Stephen Hunter - RM5

  • Havana, Stephen Hunter - RM5

  • Hot Springs, Stephen Hunter, RM5 (now you know what I did all those hours in the LRT to Ampang...)

  • The Hundred Secret Senses, Amy Tan, RM10

  • Nice Work, David Lodge, RM10

  • Thinks, David Lodge, RM10 (Lodge is a philosophy/lit. professor who turned to novel-writing for, I dunno, carthasis?)

  • Lisey's Story, Stephen King, (reads more to me like Lisey's Grandmother's Story, but you might beg to differ...) RM10

  • Lord of the Silver Bow, David Gemmel (I'll throw this in FREE if you buy more than RM30 worth, otherwise it's RM8)

  • The Old Man & the Sea, Ernest Hemingway, RM10 (no no's not about males having phallus-related difficulties...) [SOLD]

Non-Fiction (though one can never be sure...)
  • Paul Between Antioch & Damascus: The Unknown Years, Martin Hengel - RM40 (anymore "classic" and we'd have to excavate this...)

  • A Marginal Jew, Part III : Companions & Competitors, John Meier, RM50 (the third installment of Meier's on-going magnum opus on the historical Jesus)
  • The Scripture Principle, Clark Pinnock (the original hardcover!), RM20

  • Consciousness and the Novel, David Lodge (where the novelist goes all in-teh-LEC-tual...), RM20

  • Revisioning Evangelical Theology, Stanley Grenz (if you're beginning to suspect that the theology you learnt 30 years ago might be a little out-dated...)

  • Jesus the Millenarian Prophet, Dale Allison, RM20

  • Europe's Last Summer: Who Started the Great War in 1914? David Fromkin, RM30 (if you're an enthusiast of World War I and you have not read this, then you're a traitor to the cause, *grin*)

  • The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, RM20 (one of the best introductions to superstring theory)

  • A Thousand Suns, Dominique Lapierre (author of City of Joy, this one is like Cities and People of Joy...), Rm10

  • I Believe in Preaching, John Stott, RM10 (it's free if you're keen on going into ministry...)

  • Looking into the Future: Evangelical Studies in Eschatology (ed. David Baker), RM30, virtually brand new and almost 380 pages

  • Between Two Horizons: Spanning New Testament and Systematic Theology, (eds. Joel Green & Max Turner), RM25

  • Orthodoxy, GK Chesterton, RM10 [SOLD]

  • Waterbuffalo Theology, Kosuke Koyama, RM10 (a bit dated, but if you've been listening to sermons filled only with Western and Hebrew metaphors/concepts, this one's for you...) [SOLD]

  • The Post-Modern Pilgrims: First-Century Passion for the 21st Century World, Leonard Sweet, RM20 [SOLD]


Barbsie said...

Dude: Bookings from Barbsie for sure:

1) Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks
2) The Horizontal Society, Lawrence Friedman

Wondering if you think I'd find any sense in the following:

1)Out of the Question, Into the Mystery, Leonard Sweet

alwyn said...

I think you'll Sweet sweet :)


johnsee said...

Hey alwyn,
I bought some books from you years ago. Not sure if you still remember. Was through dave chong or steven. Anyway, would like to book some!

1) Old Testament Theology, Walter Bruegemann
2) The Historical Figure of Jesus, EP Sanders
3) Three by Annie Dillard: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, American Childhood

Are they still in pleasant condition? Would be great to get a discount, haha. :) Or have something thrown in together (no hummingbird pls!)

Thx, will email you.

alwyn said...

hi John, I can confirm all but the OT one; someone else called me and booked it dah :)

you want another one?

johnsee said...

Yah, I could take The Bible Jesus Read. Have read most of yancey's but don't remember this one.

How's the condition for all of them?

alwyn said...

all 3 are good, with barely a crease. how can i meet you?

Pei Ling said...

Hey ya! :) Any books of CS Lewis? Hehe.

alwyn said...

Hi Pei Ling, sorry this took a while; am afraid I'm not selling any CS Lewis books just yet, but fyi i saw the Screwtape Letters going for less than RM20 at Atria (the Big Book Shop). Keen?

peiling said...

Too bad I just bought my copy of Screwtape from Borders for RM50 =/