Thursday, September 24, 2009

Value-Adding Lectures

Lecturers contribute a bare minimum if all they do is repeat what's in the text or the slides. The situation is worse if you have a group of students (as I believe I do) who are independent learners and can absorb all the basic references without much help.

What, then, ought lecturers do to add value? Here are some ideas, by no means exhaustive:

  • Give a fresh slant to what's in the textbooks - either give a new perspective or just challenge everything the writer says

  • Lecture on a related sub-topic (one not in the generic handouts)

  • Facilitate a discussion or a case-study (thus taking the class away from recall-mode to application-mode)

  • Get the students to present

  • Show a video

  • Facilitate a project which takes them out of the classroom (kinda like a case-study on steroids)

  • What else?

Adding value nowadays usually involves creating new value. Whatever this is, it's probably not repeating what's already available.


Alex Tang said...

could do we away with lecture altogether?

alwyn said...

we probably should, but i guess must walk b4 run :)

jeff said...

It would be interesting to give new values like that if the syllabus permits it...