Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bible, Trouble and Me

Adam messed it all up because he couldn't say no to his wife.

Noah got so drunk he looked like he was into kinky porno, and didn't even know it.

Abraham valued self-preservation over wife and sister (and there's GOTTA be something weird about a guy who can argue with God about sparing an evil city, yet seem to not say a word when it comes to killing his own son).

Jacob couldn't get out of repaying a debt. This guy has the guts to wrestle with God, yet acted like a chicken towards his brother.

Moses led the 40-year marathon but couldn't cross the Finish line on account of some unchecked temper.

David had "household problems" on a level not many today can imagine.

Solomon was the poster boy for Polygamy.

Not all of Peter's dogs were barking (either that or he had a real bad case of brain-fart).

Paul could never work well in a team (maybe that's his 'thorn in the flesh', eh?)

And Jesus, well...we all know what happened to him.

So I guess it's no big deal when a 21st century follower of Christ sins so badly (with eyes wide open) he's no longer sure who he is.

Trouble - it seems to tail the whole Family, don't it?


Derek L. said...

Solomon was an impressive chap. Managing 1000 women is quite a feat! :)

alwyn said...

funny thing: before he became a Mormon on steroids, he actually asked God for *wisdom*. I suppose eventually he had no choice but to use it on all the missus-es, eh?