Friday, November 28, 2008

Choose Your Own (Sermon) Adventure

How about this for a Christian learning exercise?

A preacher talked about Christians being either sheep or goats. Some other elements of the sermon included relationship-building and spiritual growth as opposed to sheer numerical growth.

But how do we get from pastoral (pun intended) animals to strong spiritual relationships? If you were the preacher, can you 'make your way' there?

Hint: You'll need to :
  • recall Biblical verses where the two kinds of animals are mentioned and what it said about them
  • have some basic understanding of Christian relationships (between God and Man, Man and his neighbour, Christian and Christian or non-Christian, etc.)
  • have some basic trajectory of spiritual growth (how does it happen? what helps or hinders it?)
  • recall some facts or history of church expansion and growth (what does the Bible say about this? how does it happen? etc etc)

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