Thursday, November 13, 2008

Entrepreneurial Advice...

...from the man spear-heading my former workplace (himself the former right-hand man to Robert Kwok).

What To Do
  • Always seek to craft new arrangements and partnerships with and between organizations which need each other; your business can often play a role in mediation and bringing together other companies, a role which in turn benefits you
  • Always give the best to those who’ve given their best to you
  • Seemingly similar pieces of activity can have a world of difference between them, depending on who you are as an entrepreneur; e.g. you can sell peanuts or you can sell diamonds – the thing which sets the diamond seller apart is his vision to do so much more with with virtually the same kind of activity

hat Not To Do:
  • Never wear a t-shirt when you’re giving an interview! In other words, never send out a wrong corporate image with shoddy attire or personal presentation
  • Never close the door on anyone
  • Never tolerate damage or criticism to your brand

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Barbsie said...

Oh man! Dejavu!

I wonder what he thinks of t-shirt sellers! Especially if it's one from his flock!