Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Same data. Different hopes.

The post about Bible and trouble? That's not the whole story, thank God.

You know the thing about the glass being either half-full or half-empty, depending on how you see it? Same thing with the Bible.

You can choose to see a truly messed up world with even more deranged heroes (suggesting an under-par God). Or, you can perceive the power of God working with, in spite of and through the bullshit of our lives to redeem the world (suggesting a God beyond imagination).


Barbsie said...

Dude - I think we're meant to go with the later? Afterall, if we humans are creative in many unimaginable ways, and if we are created in God's own likeness, then He must be the supermo of imaginations eh?

blogpastor said...

You are right. And the amazing thing is God can take the mess we make and let his Spirit leaven it and make us freshly baked bread for the even messier world.

alwyn said...

Barb, I actually had an exchange with Dr. Halsall over this issue, about how meaning 'presupposes' a Someone who gives the meaning. Likewise, with imagination

alwyn said...

Blogpastor, indeed he does. I only wonder if the chuch sometimes has to take steps to put some butter on the dough, so it tastes soft and nice (instead of hard and cold) hehe