Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another vigil, more arrests

You'll hardly get a clearer look at the process:

This is Malaysia where, of late, cops hand-cuffing folks standing around with candles has been a popular media event.

If you're into business, you might want to ask yourself if you could spare some funds organising think-tanks or influencing politicians to take the concerns of these protesters seriously. It'd be good to ponder how the business community has played a role in Malaysians politics and - who knows? - you may find your own organisation located along the chain somewhere.

If you're in education, try to spend a third of the next class talking about this e.g. why is this happening? what can the 'average student' do? what can families do? what's in store for Malaysia's future?

If you're leading a Bible study or giving a sermon, it would help to integrate whatever Scriptural passage you're looking at with the socio-political situation in the country. Ask the youth, the ladies fellowship, the seniors, etc. on WWJD about (reasonably) blatant political manipulation of the kind that's been happening in Perak.

If you're a non-Malaysian surfer browsing around, I hope you can share/link this to people on your contact-list. It's by no means as exciting as the chaos happening in other parts of the world, but you could help play a small role in making people aware and thinking (and praying?) about Malaysia.

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